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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Gene was a revisionist. He considered much of The Original Series apocyraphl by the time The Next Generation began.
Didn't he also consider The Animated Series apocryphal? And the movie directed by Shatner? And certain episodes of TNG? Some people believe that if he had lived, he would have held the entire Dominion War to be apocryphal.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
Kirk could have just meant that they normally used virtual money.
Kirk certainly meant (among other things) that he didn't have anything in his pockets to pay for a pizza and beer. Whatever he used in the 23rd century to buy things (like his house in Idaho), he couldn't use in the 20th century, he didn't have access to his "account."

But Picard's statements in "First Contact" can't be so easily dismissed.
Picard said in the future "we're" much like Cochrane and Lily, who were building a warp ship to make money from it. Rose colored glasses Picard doesn't alway make sense.

brian577 wrote: View Post
Each planet probably has it's own economy. What would be the point of the "Bank of Bolias" in the Federation if the Bolians didn't use money?
Exactly this, each Federation member world likely possesses a unique financial, economic, cultural, political system.

We know through the episode Little Green Men that 24th century Earth does have a financial system where "money" changes hands. That's about as middle of the Federation as you can get.

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