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Re: Grimm (NBC) Season 1 Discussion *Spoilers!*

Hey, that was a good episode! I'm warming up more to Nick as the lead now, and his partner got in some good quips and didn't seem like so much of a waste of time. Also, Nick's fiance demonstrated a personality. This is the kind of writing the show needs more of.

Nana Visitor as Queen Bee was genius casting. I'm very happy to see that the episodes won't be limited solely to fairy tales. I'd like to see the writers just invent their own mythical characters, some of which are good and others evil and yet others just trying to stay out of trouble.

Very much liked Nick being forced to choose between his roles as cop and as Grimm. He's in a serious bind, since there's no way he could explain why he didn't shoot Melissa under those circumstances without being carted off to the looney bin.

What Fairy Tale do the bees reference?
None that I know of, which is a good thing.

"Melissa" means "honeybee" and the name is derived from a legend where a nymph named Melissa took care of the infant Zeus by feeding him honey. Which raises the slight possibility that the story was derived from Greek mythology, but the story here really doesn't relate to the myth much at all.
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