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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

On further reflection, Thunderstruck is a bad name and they should change it. It sounds like a workplace sitcom about TV weathermen.

'Negotiated with' is I think too strong a term. I'd prefer 'have motives'.
I'm jumping ahead in the story - they could be negotiated with, and I'm hoping they will be. It could take the story in interesting directions, and there does need to be some evolution in the story beyond just "skirmish with aliens and run away" which has already gotten boring.

so far, Walking Dead's solution seems to have been to push the zombies to the background as much as possible. The human element drives much of that show, I think.
That's really the only way you can do a zombie story, unless you're changing the zombies into something entirely different. "Thinking" zombies just undermines what makes a zombie story cool, and then it starts to become more of a vampire story, like I Am Legend (I'm thinking of the original novel).

I'm not sure it's valid to use "first-contact drama" as a synonym for "UFO project."
The premise sure sounds like "first-contact" with aliens to me - "powerful and enigmatic entities that begin appearing all over the world." And obviously the story is going to have to evolve just beyond that kind of shadowy presence, or they're not going to have any story at all.

First contact" generally refers more to the beginning of open or formal exchange between species.
Or it refers to aliens arriving on Earth regardless of whether they want to set up formal diplomatic relations and cultural exchanges. Simply being present and making humans aware of them unambiguously constitutes "contact."

But now that I've dug up the article from last May where I read about an alien-contact drama at AMC, I'm wondering whether this is a different series altogether with a very similar premise to the first-contact series that I was thinking of?

Space epic Voyage, from writer/executive producer John Shiban and executive producer Lynda Obst, is described as a grounded look at human beings’ first contact with extraterrestrial life seen through the eyes of an ambitious female scientist and her team at Jet Propulsion Laboratories.
AMC reportedly wanted this to be re-developed, and if it's the same concept, they re-developed it pretty thoroughly and brought in a new creative team. Or maybe that pitch just whetted their appetite for the subject matter and made them more receptive to Eick's pitch.

I actually like the idea of it being centered around Great Falls, Montana (my mom's home town!) rather than JPL, although of course they'll need to have a scientist character in the mix.

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The zombies can't change, can't be understood, can't be anything other than a mass of diseased killing flesh.
<smacks own forehead!> Gah! The Borg are zombies! Well, until they were ruined with the introduction of the queen.
Oh don't tell me that just occurred to you! And yeah, the fact that the Borg are zombies is why the queen thing sucks.

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