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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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Bad Timing: So it's a race against time as the Scarrans are heading to the wormhole that leads to Earth. For enslavement and their precious flower. The episode as a whole I found quite good(as someone else said upthread). It's the ending that's a real kick in the jewels. Was that a Bioloid(sp) that shot the weapon that crystalized John and Aeryn? As a season cliffhanger that's harsh. When it becomes the finale it's a real bitch.

Now it's time for the The Peacekeeper Wars mini or aka Season 5. Which is essentially 4 more episodes.
To get the Proper Effect, you need to wait for a couple years before you can watch Peacekeeper Wars. You can, of course continuing rewatching S1 - S4 during the hiatus, just to rachet up your annoyance more from the Cliff Hanger Series Finale

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