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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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that's what I intend to do with the x-men start over from the begining. I know I can go from #1-25 but where to go from there is my question. all so started reading stephen king's dark tower series now.
Did you start over from the very beginning or from the 90s series? If you started from the 60s series, I'd actually say skip most of the rest. For all intents and purposes, it's not all that great. There's some important stuff like the first appearances of Polaris (49) and Havok (65). Even Banshee is almost unrecognizable. The series really got going with Giant Size X-Men #1 and subsequently X-Men #94, with the introductions of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and of course, Wolverine.
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