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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

I have finished Farscape...season 4.

We're So Screwed 1-3: The bold raid on the Scarran station to rescue Aeryn went off quickly, or I figured it would be at least till pt.2 they actually got her rescued. I guess the trade off is that Scorpius got captured. Exchanging one captured love (Aeryn) for another Earth (wormhole tech that Scoryp may/may not have). I did enjoy the interaction on the station between the Scarrans, Moya's crew, and the slave/worker race (I forget what species they are).
The revelation that the Scarran matriarchal flower is native to Earth raises the question, who/what brought the flower from Earth and how come no one else remembers how to get there?
Scorpy's betrayal was expected, if for no other reason than he always has had his own agenda and if betrayal gets the balance back in his favor then so be it. I liked the escape with the whole bomb drop down the shaft. Nice.

Bad Timing: So it's a race against time as the Scarrans are heading to the wormhole that leads to Earth. For enslavement and their precious flower. The episode as a whole I found quite good(as someone else said upthread). It's the ending that's a real kick in the jewels. Was that a Bioloid(sp) that shot the weapon that crystalized John and Aeryn? As a season cliffhanger that's harsh. When it becomes the finale it's a real bitch.

I went back and watched the bonus features on disc 5 and there in commentaries the crew reveals that had shot the episodes out of order(which is unusual imo). I know shows/movies are shot out of sequence but per episode, in order was my understanding. The last episode they shot was A Constellation of Doubt, or aka Bobby-vision as I called the episode.

Now it's time for the The Peacekeeper Wars mini or aka Season 5. Which is essentially 4 more episodes.
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