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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

I think the thing that bugged me most was the TNG 'our heroes don't' clause, the one that basically said that the main characters weren't supposed to admit any sort of character flaw or weakness in the realm of vices or some such (and I'm probably saying it wrong, but I'm functioning on a couple of hours of sleep at the moment, cut me some slack). Particularly, I'm thinking about Symbiosis. As much as I understood making it a Prime Directive episode, I think it would have had a bit more strength had it included not just a direct reference to Tasha having used drugs to get by on her homeworld but also if she'd had a focus in the episode about facing some of the demons of her past. But because of the 'our heroes don't' clause, they just sort of danced around the subject and she took a backseat to the moral dilemma, even though reasonably, she should have had some kind of involvement in the plot because of her prior experience.
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