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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Good points. I can easily see that for all the Bajorans standing around. However, also present were Odo, Morn, at least one non-Bajoran alien and at least two Starfleet people.

With Odo, I guess you could argue that he's busy restraining the killer. But it's odd that everyone else just stands back and watches Kira mourn.
Hmm, good point. Perhaps they were uncomfortable? Kira is clearly strongly affected, not just by the death but by her own newly found certainty that Cardassians in general are not The Enemy. Maybe they were keeping their distance from her, respectfully or in discomfort, rather than from Marritza? And I guess people do have a tendency to stand and gawk.

Of course, we probably have to accept that in reality it's the dramatic visual that explains it, but oh well.
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