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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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Like I said in the New 52 thread, I've decided to start working through more of the older stuff on Comixology, and I got back to it today I picking up Batman: A Death In The Family. I read the first issue today and I enjoyed it. It wasn't anything mindblowing, but it was a very solid start. The dialouge was pretty good, and while it's a little older fashioned than what I'm used I also liked the art. The big thing in this was that this was my first exposure to the comics version of The Joker, and I have to admit I fairly quickly fell into hearing Mark Hamil's voice for the Joker. Even though I know the Jason's final fate, I am still curious to see what happens in his quest for his birth, and I'm also curious where the Joker story is headed. MY RATING: 8/10
And you didn't think the Joker becoming an Iranian ambassador was a little odd and, dare I say, preposterously stupid and maybe even a little ignorant?

And I say this as someone who believes Carter should have terror bombed Isfahan, Tabriz, Sheraz and Bandar Abbas until they released the hostages (or maybe just destroyed the oil infrastructure, whatever works).

Ugh. Frank Miller wishes he could be this offensive.

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