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Re: IMMORTALS (11/11/11) - Grading and Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

Tarsem explains how deepy he wanted to tell this particularly story, to get into the minds of these particular characters. Or, wait, not at all:
I was thinking, “Do we need gods?” The Theseus story does not involve any gods. And I said, “No, you need gods because I want to make a statement about the gods and I want to do an action sequence with gods fighting that I think will tip the balance in a different way.” So we started to put those in, and I started thinking, does it have to be Greek? I was going to make it all post-apocalyptic, kind of like a Renaissance time but with electricity, I wanted to go to Mexico, things like that. And they said, “No, no, no, the appetite is for Greek movies, they're really big.” And I said, “Well it's not really a Greek movie.” I'm like, “Theseus with gods is like caveman with dinosaurs, the difference is like, a hundred million years.” And they just said, “No, no, it'll come out fine. Just leave it.” So we went close to Greek, but no period stuff is true of anything.

Hard to believe that a lousy movie could come out of such a lackadaisical approach to storytelling and drama.
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