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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

Like I said in the New 52 thread, I've decided to start working through more of the older stuff on Comixology, and I got back to it today I picking up Batman: A Death In The Family. I read the first issue today and I enjoyed it. It wasn't anything mindblowing, but it was a very solid start. The dialouge was pretty good, and while it's a little older fashioned than what I'm used I also liked the art. The big thing in this was that this was my first exposure to the comics version of The Joker, and I have to admit I fairly quickly fell into hearing Mark Hamil's voice for the Joker. Even though I know the Jason's final fate, I am still curious to see what happens in his quest for his birth, and I'm also curious where the Joker story is headed. MY RATING: 8/10
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