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Re: IMMORTALS (11/11/11) - Grading and Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

Ebert, who was amongst the 2010 Clash of the Titan's biggest fans (3/4 review: "I like the energy, the imagination, the silliness"), smacks Immortals down with a mere 1.5 stars, and in so doing, confirms all my impressions from the trailers:
All of Greece seems to be on the edge of a drop of hundreds or thousands of feet, although sometimes in the far distance we see flatlands, which are no doubt where the peasants live. No one on the cliffs but Gods, heroes, Oracles, warriors and suchlike. These characters all seem compelled to live as close to the edge as possible, where they run nimbly, survey the horizon, push each other, and never look down to check their footing. You know how nervous that makes me get.

... There are no end of battle scenes, interminable and incomprehensible, in which beheading and skewering are routine.

I am surprised, however, to read this, given who dark the movie looks in trailers, darkness being one of 3D's biggest problems:
The 3D cinematography is a pleasant surprise, one of the best iterations of the medium I've seen.
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