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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 1, part 3

On top of Fragingiars Point, Sotron watched the raid taking place. A lantern was placed on the ground and the light it cast threw one side of Sotron’s face to brightness and the other to shadow, standing next to him were two doctors and a box of medical supplies.

Sotron knew exactly what would happen, 57 people would go into that strip mine and very few would come back out. At first the raid seemed to be going successfully, as in a space of two minutes, there were a dozen explosions.

And then came the phaser fire, Sotron constantly had his binoculars close to his eyes. He saw the strip mine’s guards pick off the villagers one by one. The instance of phaser fire became fewer and fewer, and the fire fights moved steadily backwards towards the dam.

When the phaser fire had ended completely, Sotron feared the worst and he was convinced all 57 people had been killed, 56 of whom were from Viyara. He had devoted a large portion of his life to Viyara, and now a part of Viyara had died. It was bad enough that the village was slowly dying anyway from all the ecological problems but to lose all those people…

Sotron sought to control himself as he felt the tears well in his eyes. He was still waiting at the mountain rim, because this was where the villagers and the two marauders would rendezvous after the raid.

There was another thirty minutes to go until the rendezvous time expired, but Sotron wasn’t hopeful. He looked to his left and saw the two doctors who had come with him, they looked devastated.

He knew the two personally, and they were a couple, Viyara was fortunate enough to have two doctors as permanent residents as the nearest hospital was twenty miles away. Hearing the woman weep into her husband’s chest simply compounded Sotron’s misery.

After a while the woman stopped weeping, though Sotron wondered if the woman had ran out of tears to shed. Something caught his eye, just below him to the left were some people moving in the darkness.

But it was hard to tell giving that inside the area of illumination, provided from the lantern, the darkness seemed to be even more dark. The male doctor had taken out a phaser pistol from his trouser belt, he pointed it at the incoming people.

A moment later and six people arrived, one of them looked seriously injured. Sotron recognised the two marauders, somehow the two marauders looked even grimmer than usual.

Sotron gazed at Nofron’s face. “Were all the targets destroyed in the raid?”

“Thirteen targets were destroyed including the main target which was the pumping station. Two of the targets we couldn’t reach as the mine’s security was too tight.”

Now Sotron had to ask the question he dreaded most. “Are there any other survivors?”

Nofron shook his head. “No one else, but one of the villagers who managed to rejoin the group is injured. I think he's called Monzo, he was involved with the destruction of the pumping station.”

Nofron clicked his fingers, and a villager carrying Monzo laid the young adult on the ground before Sotron's feet.

The two doctors immediately hurried over to Monzo and attempted to patch up his injuries.

Sotron looked around at the survivors, where was Hedon? Of all the people to survive, Sotron expected Hedon to survive. “Can you revive Monzo?” he asked to the doctors.

The woman doctor looked up. “If you insist…”

She placed some herbs around Monzo’s mouth, and Monzo stirred.

Sotron was shocked by the look in Monzo’s eyes, it was the look of someone who had seen many terrible things over an entire lifetime. Crouching down, Sotron asked Monzo a question, a question he had to ask, despite everything that the young man had suffered from. “Do you know what happened to Hedon, the village’s chief of security?”

Tears filled Monzo’s eyes, and in a choked voice Monzo answered. “He’s dead, he died in the pumping station along with my best friend…”

At that point Monzo was beside himself with grief, tears spilled from his eyes.

Sotron felt exactly the same way as Monzo, for he to had lost his best friend. Grief threatened to overwhelm Sotron, but he composed himself and turned around to address the doctors. “Give Monzo the best medical treatments you can provide, and make sure he gets the purified water.”

The two doctors nodded, and they placed Monzo on a stretcher and carried him.

Jacorda walked over to Sotron. “Me and Nofron will stay here tonight to observe the mine, I’ll talk with you tomorrow in the morning.”

Sotron nodded and then followed the doctors back to the village. Briefly he looked at the three other villager’s faces; they look defeated and beaten as if they had given up all hope.

This was completely understandable to Sotron. For ten years he watched Viyara suffer as RH Mining decimated the Tiyona valley, and the resulting water pollution fowled up the water table. People got sick, the crops became stunted and a horrible festering stench constantly lingered around the village.

To think that Furillia was once a green paradise, and now twenty percent of the planet was a rocky hell hole devoid of forests, grasslands and rivers…

And the worst part for Sotron was that he and so many other Furillians had been foolish enough to allow RH Mining onto their planet. What added insult to injury was that RH Mining claimed to be honest and ethical because it was a company that belonged to something called the ‘Federation’. Sotron had a vague idea of what this Federation was, but they seemed just as devious and as nasty as the Cardassians supplying Furillia with weaponry to attack the strip mines…

Note: One vozdron equals 0.8239 metres to 4 significant figures. A vozdron is a Furillian metric measurement of distance.
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