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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 1, part 2

You're all clear, light her up!” came Jacorda’s voice.

“Affirmative,” said Hedon.

He snapped the communicator shut and placed it inside one of his jacket's pockets. “Let’s get moving, you two get to the side of the door!”

Monzo dashed over to the right hand side of the door, while Delletrin covered the left side.

Standing next to the door, Hedon took out what looked like some kind of pink coloured sticky adhesive. He slapped it onto the door’s magnetic lock, and then took out a small vial and poured a drop onto the adhesive.

At once it burned and fizzed, punching a hole straight through the door’s locking mechanism. Hedon turned to look at Monzo. “Let’s get this over with.”

Hedon kicked the door open and entered the building, Monzo followed afterwards and took cover behind a ventilation unit. He expected phaser fire to be coming from all directions, but there was nothing. Carefully Monzo raised himself up to see what was in front of him. This part of the building was dimly lit with pale blue lighting. There were more ventilation units and piping in front of him, and looking beyond down a passageway bound by one black wall, Monzo could see one part of what seemed like a huge room. This room was lit in neon orange lighting, while all kinds of pipes, beams and vents protruding outwards from the wall.

When Delletrin had made it through the door, Hedon stood up and carefully advanced downwards going past the ventilation units, where the mild hum of air being sucked outwards could be heard. Towards the room in the distance was the sound of running water, and sometimes the occasional explosion went off outside.

Monzo turned his head left and right looking for any guards, lurking in the shadows. There was no point putting on the night vision goggles, as a stationary guard could blend in easily to the surroundings. Some minutes later and the three had entered the room that must have clearly housed the pumping valves.

Looking upwards, Monzo saw that the room was comprised of five stories, and there were railed platforms joined to the walls and clinging to the cylindrical pumping valves. The pumping valves stretched up right to the ceiling and were coloured white, there was a thin section of transparent material which showed the level of the water. While on the floor was one massive platform filled with all sorts of consoles and pipes.

Being this close to the pumping valves, the sound of the churning water was almost painfully loud, so loud that it could probably block out the sound of phaser fire. Hedon took cover behind what appeared to be the tall computer console that controlled the nearby pumping valve, likewise Monzo and Delletrin did the same. Just then the sound of a massive explosion rocked the building, and the sheer vibration went straight through Monzo’s body, it shook up all the loose contents inside of him including the remains of his tea inside his guts.

Monzo felt shocked, but he pulled himself together, the explosions were supposed to happen, and it meant that the raid was going according to plan. Try as he might, Monzo couldn’t spot any guards in the nearby vicinity or on the platforms above him. Something about this didn’t seem right, and Hedon seemed to feel the same way.

Taking out some cannisters full of liquid from the rucksack, with optical tubing on the outsides, Hedon carefully placed them against the pipes that were carrying water into the valve. “This is liquid polysomian, it’s a Cardassian explosive, and it’s not to be messed with.”

At that moment Monzo didn’t care what Hedon used to blow up the pumping valve, he was more concerned about getting out of here. “Hedon, this is to quiet, we should-”
A canister dropped to the floor, and rolled towards Monzo.

Hedon’s eyes were wide with surprise. “It’s a stun grenade, take cover!”

Monzo turned away from the grenade and dashed out from the computer console. But before he could take cover, the grenade exploded and there was a very loud sudden bang, followed by a bright flash of light. The bang disorientated Monzo, he felt dizzy and his vision was blurred, he forced himself to take cover behind a very thick pipe.

Instinctively he pulled up his phaser, expecting a whole horde of guards to come pouring onto the ground floor. The dizziness and blurred vision faded, he looked around the pipe, a phaser beam hit the pipe and he tucked his head behind cover. At least the phaser fire was not hitting his side of the pipe, to his left he saw Hedon already taking pot shots at the enemy guards.

Hedon then took cover, he shouted at Monzo. “You and Delletrin cover me, I need to arm the explosives!”

Monzo nodded, he went to the right side of the pipe, and instantly saw a guard standing against a bulkhead on the first floor's platforms. Taking aim, Monzo fired, to his surprise the phaser beam hit the guard’s upper arm, red blood splattered the guards’s grey uniform. Instantly the guard jerked out of the way and moved to cover.

A beam of phaser fire came inches from missing the top of Monzo’s head, he ducked and decided he needed a better vantage point. To his left was a smaller computer console but it seemed to offer a better view of the ground floor and the floors above it. He bent double and ran over to the computer console, phaser fire burst all around him, but his luck held and he made it to the console without getting hit.

Looking to his right, he saw Hedon fiddling around with some optic cables, a burst of phaser fire came dangerously close to Hedon’s upper back. Turning around, Monzo thought he saw the guard that had fired that round. Aiming down his sight, Monzo fired but the round missed. The guard moved rightwards into cover.

When a few phaser beams came streaking in a flat trajectory just above Monzo’s head, he realised there were at least several guards on the ground floor. Briefly raising his head, Monzo lifted his phaser rifle and mounted it against the flat top of the console, he fired a few bursts hitting three of the guards who were advancing forwards towards Hedon's position.

The five other guards dived down and remained low against some pipes running across the floor, behind them was some sort of wide bulkhead that stretched up all the way to the roof. Monzo was about to take cover, when he saw Delletrin take some ground and approach the guards, at this angle Monzo thought Delletrin was crazy, but he provided some covering fire for his friend, and took some shots at the guards on the first platform.

It appeared that Delletrin was going to attack the five guards on the ground floor from the side. Delletrin would have succeeded if it weren’t for a guard on the ground floor, peaking up above the pipe with his phaser rifle drawn out and then rapidly firing his weapon.

Delletrin didn’t have a chance to fire back, he was running and by the time he had lifted his phaser rifle, it was to late as six beams had struck his torso. It was a horrendous sight for Monzo seeing the phaser rounds go into his friend's body, and the bits of blood that burst out from the sites where the rounds had hit his body.

Falling forwards, Delletrin smacked his face against the thinly segmented metal floor.

For one brief moment, Monzo was too stunned to move, then suddenly a powerful rage consumed him which blotted out all sense of reason and rationality. He now didn’t care if he got shot or not, if he could get Delletrin behind his spot of cover, then things would somehow work out...

He charged manically at the guards who were on the ground floor, he fired at the guard who had shot Delletrin. The round went straight through the guard’s head, cracking it open. Blood, bone and brain matter exploded out and the guard fell to the floor instantly dead.

Monzo ignored Hedon’s shout of getting back to cover, and by some miracle the phaser beams that came from above seemed to miss him. He flanked the four guards and jumping across the pipe, he twisted around and saw the guard's surprised faces.

Discharging round after round, it seemed things were moving in slow motion for Monzo. He felt pure animal pleasure in seeing the blood come pouring out of the guards twisted bodies as they were blown backwards onto the floor. He only stopped firing a few seconds after the guards had collapsed to the floor.

Monzo had never seen such gore in all his life, as he stared at the phaser-ridden and mutilated bodies. The guard's uniforms were completely covered in blood, and Monzo could see all sorts from the innards of the guards; bones, guts, organs, muscles, all twisted and torn before his very eyes.

But Monzo didn’t feel anything seeing the dead guards, he lowered his phaser rifle and hurried over to Delletrin and pulled him out of the line of fire and behind the bulkhead. Monzo pulled with a force unknown to him and in a matter of seconds Delletrin was behind cover.

Turning Delletrin around, Monzo saw six phaser wounds around his friend's chest, stomach and thighs. There was blood all over Delletrin’s front, Monzo could see Delletrin trying to speak but no words came out, only bubbly blood did.

Finally Delletrin managed to get the words from out of his mouth. “I don’t think it was a good idea joining this raid,” he said weakly.

Monzo couldn’t help he laughed, even now close to death his friend could still crack a joke. Though the laughter quickly disappeared, tears brimmed in Monzo’s eyes. “Please Delletrin, don’t die, we’ve known each other for so long.”

More blood tricked from Delletrin’s mouth, one of his hands grabbed onto Monzo’s shirt and pulled Monzo close. “Monzo just get of here, there’s nothing you can do for me… please…”

The hand’s grasp weakened, and then the hand dropped onto its owner's chest and Delletrin’s eyes closed. Monzo was totally devastated, his best friend was gone, just like that. Placing his arms around Delletrin’s back, Monzo hugged Delletrin and tears poured from his eyes.

Blood covered the front of Monzo's jacket, but suddenly nothing mattered to him, as he wasn’t going to leave Delletrin. He would rather die than lose Delletrin…

Hedon’s loud and angry shout brought Monzo back to his senses. “Dammit Monzo I need you to cover me, what the fuck are you doing lying there?”

Against his better judgement, Monzo left his friend’s body and made it back to Hedon’s position. Taking cover, Monzo noticed that Hedon had a phaser wound on the left side of his body. “Your injured.”

“Well obviously, now the charges are armed, so get out of here!”

Monzo had seen one person he cared and loved for die, he wasn’t going to let Hedon die. He moved forwards to pick Hedon up. “I’m not leaving-”

Hedon batted Monzo’s outstretched arm out of the way with his rifle. “You’d never make it, this timer is on two minutes and counting! Save yourself, don’t worry about me! Here take my bio-dampener device.”

Something made Monzo stay, he wanted to help Hedon, and he couldn’t simply take the bio-dampener device Hedon was offering to him.

“Listen you did all right,” said Hedon proudly. “And you held your own, but just get out of here, I will hold off the guards…”

Monzo nodded, took the bio-dampener device and clamped it on to his trouser belt. “Be sure to kill as many of those bastards as possible!”

Hedon bared his teeth, in an angry gesture. “Don’t worry I’ll be sure to do that! Now go!”

With a last glance at Hedon, Monzo stood up and ran at full speed back down the corridor. He heard phaser fire and Hedon was shouting profanities towards the guards who were approaching his position.

At the end of the corridor, Monzo came to the door, he kicked it open, and dashed outside. Knowing there wasn’t much time left, Monzo put as much distance between himself and the pumping station. There was a sudden explosion which tore through the building’s roof, and a huge yellow fireball burst into the sky, before turning red and then dissipating.

A pressurised wave of air hit Monzo and sent him flying into a scree slope. He then hit the slope with a sickening crunch, but thankfully the slope was full of tiny pebbles and not rocks or boulders.

The sound of the explosion had made Monzo deaf, he opened his eyes and he didn’t feel any sharp pain in his body so he figured he hadn't broken any bones. Standing up, Monzo felt around for the night vision goggles that were against his head. He put them on and was relieved to discover that they were still functioning.

He glanced to his left and saw there was a massive fire fight between at least twenty guards and ten villagers. But it seemed the guards were getting the upper hand, as the villagers were retreating.

Panic filled Monzo, he had to get to the villagers before the guards cut off his escape route via the dam. The only way through was forwards and this would take him perilously close to the guards. But there was no other way, he would be flanking them and he did have the element of surprise on his side.

Pure determination filled Monzo’s mind, suddenly he ran onto the road, and started firing at the guards. Five guards collapsed, before the rest realised what was happening, and when they did they dived to cover. This gave Monzo the space he needed to dash towards the villagers.

He was only metres away from the villager’s cover, which was the outer most ceramic block on top of the dam’s walkway, and he thought he was going to make it. Suddenly his right arm burned in agony, he had been shot but somehow he kept running. Another phaser round struck his on the left side of his intestines, it was another burst of pain. Then his whole head exploded in agony, as suddenly his vision became all cloudy and it felt like his left eye had been gouged out.

Monzo collapsed onto the floor, and the pain from his eye was so bad that he was screaming in agony. He couldn’t help screaming, the pain was impossible to tolerate and to bear. Monzo only wanted it to end, and for him to die to escape this pain.

Hands roughly grabbed his shoulders and they pulled him away from the line of fire. Someone was holding a hand behind Monzo’s back and supporting him, and he thought he heard Nofron's voice.

“Here shallow this, it will reduce the pain and the bleeding.”

Pills were put into his mouth and without thinking, Monzo swallowed them. Almost immediately he felt more calm, the pain seemed distant, in fact everything seemed distant. He was happily oblivious to the voices urgently shouting at one and another.

“Nofron let’s get out of here!”

“Not without Monzo, come on Jacorda, this kid has given it his all in this raid, I’m not about to let him die! Let’s get him home where he belongs!”

Strangely for Monzo, he felt himself be lifted and then he was resting against someone’s back, and the phaser fire was growing more distant… It all became to surreal for Monzo and he passed out and his head slumped onto the person’s back…
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