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Re: DS9: A continuation

Gold Rush is the seventh story of my series DS9: a continuation and this is the biggest story I've written to date. It comes to 55000 words, and took about twenty days in total to complete. Six days for the scripts, and fourteen days to add 50000 words to finish it all. This is my personal favorite story of the first season of my series. Feel free to review/comment on this story.

Now here is the summary:

When the Defiant is given a mission to provide sensors for a Federation mining company operating in the Furillian star system, deep in the Badlands. Ezri discovers shocking evidence that the company is decimating the Furillians home world. Soon she becomes embroiled in a three way struggle between the Furillians, Cardassians and the Ferengi for control of Furillia and the vast amount of mineral resources it contains...

Warnings: Some strong graphic violence/gore, occasional strong swearing, adult situations, mortal peril and occasional sexual references.

And here is the story:

Gold Rush

Chapter 1, part 1

Day 1, 0100 hours

In the middle of the night, Monzo sat down on a smooth rock by a grassy patch just next to the top of Fraginars Point, resting his phaser rifle against his legs. He was part of the 57 people who came from the Viyara village to take part in the raid. When he heard from his best friend a month ago about a raid of the strip mine being planned, Monzo jumped at the opportunity for getting even with RH Mining.

Even now before the raid, Monzo found it hard to believe that just beyond the watershed on the other valley there lay a massive strip mine. While things were bad in Viyara, Monzo knew it was nothing compared to the ecological problems faced by the inhabitants of the Tiyona valley. For that strip mine had stripped that valley of everything that was green and good.

Monzo waited impatiently for the two marauders who were organising the raid to hurry up with their last minute checking of the incoming raid's implementation. He was not the only one who was restless, some of the other villagers seemed agitated, though Monzo sensed they were only dealing with their fear. Personally he wasn't afraid, only excited, and right next to him, Delletrin, his best friend, looked just as ready and as eager as him.

Delletrin moved over and sat down next to Monzo. “The sooner the marauders finish the better, I’m getting tired of waiting around.”

“Don’t be too harsh on them, they’re marauders and they wouldn’t have survived as long as they have without a sense of caution.”

“Wouldn’t it be good to kill one of the guards?” asked Delletrin.

“I’d kill anyone who was working in that mine, and bring justice to all those who have died because of strip mine 6-c.”

“I wonder how many mine workers and guards the marauders have killed?”

A dreamy look crept onto Dellatrin’s face, and Monzo knew Dellatrin was imagining what life would be like as a marauder. In some ways Monzo wished he were a marauder; there were no rules, just plain survival. They were harsh and rough people, who were prone to some very foul language, but they had to be as hard as nails when they scouted the strip mines and quarries.

It was more than likely though that Monzo was going to end up as a farmer, tilling the land around Viyara. However he wanted something more, he was seventeen, and he had just reached the age of maturity, he was certain he could prove himself in this raid and impress the marauders.

Finally the two marauders had stopped using their pads, and walked over to address the entire group. They were both very grizzled looking men, scarred, mucky, dour and with wild looking beards. The tallest of the two spoke first. “Jacorda and I have worked out the route, would all the people carrying bio-dampener devices step forwards.”

About fifteen people walked forward, they were carrying rucksacks, some of them looked nervous, the rest looked very serious.

“Each of you are carrying the explosives, I trust you know where your targets are. Before we begin may I say that anyone who doesn’t have the stomach for this mission should leave now, as from this point on there is no turning back.”

The marauder looked intensely at the people around him, he seemed to be waiting for someone to leave, but no one did.

“Good, anybody who tries to run away will be shot.”

Jacorda stepped forwards. “Each explosives carrier has been assigned with two escorts, at no times are the escorts to leave the carrier, if the carrier falls then one of the escorts will take his place and destroy the target assigned to the carrier.”

Walking to the left, Jacorda stopped at the person to the far left of the row. Jacorda then took out his pad, and started reading off names. “Hytige, Zawasda, your with Grada.”

Jacorda gave a quick jerk of his head to Grada, and she stepped forwards, and separated from the row while Zawasda and Hytige joined her.

One by one Jacorda continued in this manner. All the while Monzo wondered if he would be selected to escort an explosives carrier. Otherwise he would be assigned to guarding the dam, while all the real action was taking place on the other side amongst the ore processing buildings.

Jacorda came to a stop at the last person. “Delletrin, Monzo, your with Hedon.”

Excitement flared up inside Monzo, not only was he an escort but he would be fighting along side with Delletrin! When Monzo came to Hedon, he was surprised by Hedon’s reaction, Hedon looked almost insulted by the escorts assigned to him.

The other marauder organised the remainder of the people. “The rest of you will be protecting the whole group, stay on the outside and keep your eyes open, at any point we could be ambushed.”

Jacorda checked his watch. “It’s 01 30 Nofron, let’s move out.”

“Agreed,” said Nofron, he turned around to face the whole group. “Follow me, and stay as close as possible to the route I take!”

Nofron lead the way, followed by Jacorda. The explosive teams followed, flanked by the people guarding them. Now Monzo felt excited and pumped up, he put his night vision goggles on. When he walked over the mountain ridge, he got a spectacular view of the strip mine. All of the light came from the ore processing buildings and the dam. With the night vision everything dark looked red, but the bright lights coming the buildings and the dam produced a strong white mixed in with faded red for the buildings.

Momentarily, Monzo took the goggles off to see the actual lighting. The dam was lit up, and the white light made it be seen for miles around. While the ore processing buildings were lit up with orange lightening. In the depths of the strip mine, little flashes of light could be seen. That must have been where the machinery was digging into the rocky cliffs extracting ores. After that brief indulgence, Monzo quickly put the goggles back on.

It was a clear night, and the outline of the hills and mountains in the Tiyona valley could just be seen. Monzo kept close to Hedon, though navigating down scree slopes and boulder fields in the darkness was hard, even with night vision. At times the route became so treacherous, that the entire group had to go through certain points in single file. It would be highly embarrassing if a sprained or broken ankle incapacitated someone.

Monzo wasn’t afraid of the darkness, but he wished he had a scanner device like the marauders. The route they were taking could be booby trapped, or there could even be a hidden sensor. However Monzo placed his trust in the marauders knowledge and experience of navigating these mines.

Walking down the slope took at least two hours, and it was very uneventful. At long last the group reached the dam, they were careful to stop at the very periphery of where the light from the dam faded.

Nofron crouched down, and took out his binoculars, he whispered to everyone. “Everyone wait here, I’ll sabotage the power grid for the dam’s lighting. Asfrin and Poltrit your with me.”

Hedon sat down on a relatively flat rock, while Monzo and Delletrin crouched down next to him. While Hedon looked absolutely calm, Monzo noticed a slight frown on Delletrin’s face. Of course with the goggles it was hard for Monzo to read his friend’s expression, but he thought Delletrin seemed nervous. Whenever Delletrin frowned like that, it meant he was starting to realise just what he had gotten himself into.

Even Monzo started to feel just a little bit afraid, now he was on the mission, a sense of responsibility and grim reality slowly overrode his excitement of being on this raid. Monzo started to realise just how dangerous this raid was, and how he was deep inside enemy territory.

To relieve the building tension, Monzo turned to observe Nofron and his guards steadily advance to the small windowless building touching the dam. Nofron carefully approached the building, using the rocks to shadow himself. Asfrin and Poltrit followed Nofron’s lead, when the three came to the edge of the road, Nofron took out his binoculars and started scanning every square inch of the dam, after a while he seemed satisfied that there weren’t any guards nearby or watching.

Bending low Nofron dashed across the road. Sheltering behind a boulder, he gestured to Asfrin and Poltrit to follow. With the three grouped together again, they continued their approach to the building. Less than twenty metres away from it they stopped, and Nofron took out something from his jacket and started fiddling with it.

Hedon leaned over to Monzo. “I wouldn’t look at the building if I were you,” he whispered.

“Why not?” said Monzo, he was watching Nofron prepare to throw what seemed to be a device in his hands towards the building.

“You’ll get temporarily blinded!” said Hedon jovially.

Hedon seemed to know what was going on, as Jacorda then whispered to the group. “Take your goggles off now!”

Monzo was just about to reach for his goggles when he saw Nofron throw the device. Transfixed Monzo watched the device fly through the air before it hit the building. A moment later there was a powerful light that came from the device, followed by a small bang. The light flared and filled Monzo’s entire vision, instantly he took the goggles off, but as he looked around there were bright white spots in his vision.

“I warned you about those goggles,” said Hedon, he seemed deeply amused by Monzo’s mishap.

Feeling deeply embarrassed, Monzo was relieved to find that the white spots were slowly disappearing from his vision. At that moment things became far more darker, as the dam’s lighting suddenly went out.

Jacorda stood up. “Let's get moving, the dam's lighting is down.”

With the white spots now gone, Monzo put his goggles on and he followed Hedon. After a few minutes, Nofron and his guards had rejoined the group. It seemed to be an important phase to the mission, because when Nofron came to Jacorda, he nodded once.

Jacorda seemed to understand the significance of the nod and he once more addressed the group. “Nofron will be staying here with five others to guard the dam, and to make sure the guards don’t flank us and cut off our only escape route. The rest of you follow me, once we cross that dam, expect to be detected by the guards. Move it!”

As Monzo walked across the dam, he noticed the ceramic blocks jutting out on both sides of the walkway; so at least the dam had some cover. Monzo had seen the dam before in the daylight from far away, and he knew it was curved but he was surprised by how much it curved inwards. The tension built up inside of Monzo's chest, he was moving steadily closer to danger and death.

Jacorda was dashing from one ceramic block to the next, each time he briefly paused, looked at what was ahead and then continued on. By now the workers at the mine must have realised that the dam’s lighting was sabotaged, or perhaps they thought it was just some kind of electrical fault...

Once across the dam, Jacorda got off the road and walked on to the slag heaps, where it was immensely rocky and jagged. When Monzo got behind cover he felt a bit safer despite being so close to the ore processing buildings. Jacorda raised his hand to signal to the group to remain still, he then walked over, bent over and talked to Hedon. “Hedon, I want you to go ahead and blow up the pumping station, the rest of us will create a diversion to drive most of the guards away from the pumping station.”

“The pumping station is going to have more guards,” said Hedon sounding unhappy. “I will need more than my escorts to get to the centre of that building.”

“I know, but I need everyone else to assault the buildings around the storage bay.”

Hedon looked grimly at Jacorda, before nodding. “All right you two follow me,” he told Monzo and Delletrin. “And keep your heads down!”

Hedon lead the way, while Monzo and Delletrin were by his side. As they got closer, the pumping station seemed to grow taller and became far more menacing. From the outside it had no windows, and numerous pipes connected to the bottom of the building. While along the left side of the building were numerous air ducts and vents. It was lit up from the ground level, by powerful lights embedded into the ground. The lighting revealed the rectangular nature of the building.

About 50 vozdrons away from the pumping station, Hedon came to a halt. He looked at both Monzo and Delletrin. “When we go through that door, expect the guards phaser beams to be flying over our heads. This is going to be tough and I won’t lie to you when I say I wish had better escorts than you two rookies.”

Monzo bristled at this, he knew how to aim with his Cardassian phaser rifle, but he chose to keep quiet. After all Hedon was the village’s security chief, and he knew an awful lot about firearms and explosives.

Hedon glanced again at his escorts, looking at them seriously in the eye. “Remember these guards aren’t going to show any mercy, they shoot at sight any Furillian trespassing in this mine!”

Delletrin gulped in a nervous manner, and Monzo knew that Delletrin was starting to get really apprehensive about entering the pumping station.

Hedon grinned at Delletrin’s nervousness. “Don’t wet yourself son, we ain’t dead yet!”

Delletrin gave a small nervous laugh, while Monzo breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed Hedon was warming up to him and Delletrin.

Standing up, Hedon adjusted his rucksack slightly to make it more comfortable to carry. “Right, follow me, and cover my back!”

Hedon moved over to the a point just below one of the pipes that came out of the building. Monzo looked around, his eyes were pealed for any sign of movement. Following the pipe, the three came to the building. At that point Monzo removed his goggles, there was plenty of lighting to see clearly.

Slowly Hedon walked towards the door, when he got there, he then took out his handheld communicator. “This is Hedon, I’m in position.”

Stand by,” said Jacorda voice.

A few moments later, a massive explosion could be heard, and immediately alarms went off. The sound produced by the alarms was a loud and screeching sound that repeated constantly. Then phaser fire could be heard, followed by smaller explosions.

Hedon was absent mindedly tapping with his finger the back of the communicator. Monzo thought it was Hedon’s way of easing the tension, because once Jacorda spoke back, this was it, there was no turning back…
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