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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Damn, what a letdown. I was hoping Klaus was a goner. I just don't like the actor. Shame Mikael got staked so soon.

Damon, Katherine, Elijah and Mikael were all way better Big Bads.

Katherine's plan also made no sense. I thought Klaus had been chasing her for a long time, why would she want to keep him alive? The wanting to save Damon thing was so weird. She has stated before she only loves Stefan.

The show wasn't much different than from where it was a few weeks ago. Stefan is still RoboStefan and Klaus is the only Big Bad on the show.

This season hasn't been as good as the first two. I'm not liking the whole Stefan becoming RoboStefan thing. Everything decision he makes doesn't count since it really isn't the real chararacter making it.

The Supernatural writers did something like this to one of its main characters in season 6 and fans were super pissed about that too.
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