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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

I have just purchased a kindle book, The Given Land by Thomas Allen which I plan to start reading today. The book is set in New Zealand

For thousands of full-rounds birds have lived peacefully in the Given Land. On their secluded island, they have evolved a unique culture, with Walkers and Flyers both living without fear of Four-Feet-and-Fur.

But now the Four-Feet-and-Fur known as koretake have discovered them. Driven from his home, Eldest with Feathers reluctantly leads the kiwi Waro on a mission to deliver the news of the invasion to the capital city of Marahau. With koretake dogging their footsteps, the Walkers undertake a daunting journey spanning the length of the Given Land—a journey that will end only in a shattering confrontation on the Plains of Marahau.
Eldest with Feathers is a kakapo and Four-Feet-and-Fur is a stoat.
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