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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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60" is massive. You must have a very big living room! I think the most I'd want would be around 48"-ish. My nearly 8+yr old Sony 36" CRT is developing a screen flicker I can't fix... I wonder if it needs professional degaussing... I doubt there are any TV repairmen left these days, so if it gets any worse, I may just bite the bullet can get a new TV instead. Is plasma still the top technology? I heard that LED-backlit LCD was the current fave.
I don't think the difference is all that huge anymore. Most would say that Plasmas have better blacks, but it depends on who you ask. I think for a price point though the particular model of Panasonic I got is one of the better bargains in a TV of that size.

The TV itself IS huge. The new TV looks like it could eat my old television. Yet it only weighs 20 pounds more than the old one. I guess that's the difference in 3 years of technology and plasma versus cheap LCD which tends to be bulkier (my 42" was only $400 when I bought it new 3 years ago!).

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60 INCH HD TV!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!!
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