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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Hey there SISKO,

I am glad you asked about Commodore STONE. You are correct on his overall 'appearance', and yes, under normal circumstances, he must be an outstanding Officer, however,...

What STONE is actually offering KIRK is "the blind eye - no scandals" routine. STONE is not interested in THE TRUTH, and in point-of-fact, he is very motivated to not to even have the TRUTH examined for fear it might tarnish the illusion he and his cronies cling to........
You're making the assumption that Stone will not take any further action after Kirk took his "deal". Remember, he says "I'm thinking of the service, I won't have it sullied". He realizes that if it becomes general knowledge that a STARSHIP CAPTAIN murdered someone out of malice, it would bring into question Starfleet's selection procedures as well as cast a shadow on every ship captain in the fleet. Maybe after Kirk is busted, Stone initiates a review and overhaul of Starfleet selection procedures and psychological testing and has every captain in the fleet re-evaluated. Thus improvements are made without destroying the integrity of the service. Needs of the many and all that. And assigning a man like Kirk to a desk is as close as you can come to the death penalty for him without actually doing him in. As a high ranking officer, Stone's job is to do what he did-address the problem and protect the service.
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