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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Thanks Guys. Bummer, I'll have to find a book copy then (And I'm sure that probably won't be an easy task?) and find the time to read it.
You might want to check your local thrift stores or used book stores.

Now, a warning ...

I have seen a listing pop up that claims to have six books in one, from a "publisher" named Hephaestus Books. To say they are not legit is the understatement of the century.

They have listings for hundreds of thousands of titles (seriously) and only came into existence in September of this year. What they are doing is taking wiki articles, reviews, and other things they found on the net, giving them new titles, and "publishing" them, either as ebooks or print on demand.

Here is one author talking about it.

Just giving this as a warning for when you're looking for this book ... the "real" version is long since out of print and ridiculously expensive. The HP version that looks so cheap is a "study guide" to that and a handful of other Doctor Who books.
Thanks Omaha, yea, I suspected that wasn't actually the stories all rolled into one book.

Yea, looks like Used Books and Thrift Stores are the way to go. Maybe Libraries or other sources to read
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