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Re: Did Supergirl get punched out of her skin?

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Plus wasn't there a Jeph Loeb or Joe Kelly version of Supergirl as well, who was not blonde but had dark shorter hair? I think she showed up in a strange Batman/Superman story where all the different incarnations of Supergirl teamed up.
Cir-El. She was Superman's daughter from the future. Thing was that she really wasn't his daughter and was a creation of Brainiac as a way to control the world. She eventually was able to erase herself from existence to thwart Brainiac's plan.
Never heard of Cir-El. I like her look.

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Now that you mention it, it is a Dan Jurgen's panel. It's from Superman #77. Jurgens did layouts and Brett Breeding did finishes.
I have that issue. Now I can look up the scene.

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It was in her miniseries from about a year later. Superman, the Kents, and one of Luthor's ex-wives all tried warning her that Luthor couldn't be trusted. At first she shut them all out. Eventually she wised up, used her shapeshifting powers to do some snooping, and discovered that Luthor was performing protomatter experiments with samples he'd taken from her. Dozens or hundreds of Supergirl duplicates. (Sheesh, talk about alternate costumes!)
Reminds me of this pic I saved a while back...

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