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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 6 Part 2

He continued to gather information from the ruins. ‘Very interesting...’

“What is?” Tamsin asked.

“Traces of different chemical explosives,” the Doctor said.

“Those are?” Felicia asked.

“Acetone Peroxide and what is known as C4,” the Doctor said.

“Still rather primitive,” Tamsin said.

Felicia looked at Tamsin; “I wouldn’t call C4 primitive.”

“Primitive by comparison,” Tamsin said.

“Maybe,” Felicia said.

“Sure,” Nathan said.


2 hours later, the Doctor and his companions arrived at the city’s main hospital, intending to interview the survivors of the explosion.

The hospital was a large Art-Deco building that occupied an entire block, and towered at least 20 stories above street level. “Interesting design, Doctor,” Kiara said.

“Art Deco, originating from the interwar period in the Twentieth Century,” the Doctor said.

“Cool,” Kiara said.

“Very pretty,” Tamsin said.

They then walked towards the front entrance.

The Doctor and his companions entered the main lobby and looked around. The main lobby had influences from Greco-Roman architecture, with load-bearing Corinthian columns spaced evenly around the walls. The Doctor walked up to the Colosseum-inspired main desk. He produced the psychic paper.

“Investigator Smith and assistants, Asheru, Daniels, Davis and Lovell, we have been investigating the laboratory explosion that occurred 2 and a half hours ago. We are here to interview the survivors,” he said.

“The survivors are recovering in Ward 16, on floor 8,” the receptionist said matter of factly.

“Thank you,” the Doctor said. He placed the psychic paper back in his pocket and lead the companions (Tamsin and Kiara leading with Nathan following Felicia) to the elevator at the back of the lobby.

The elevator also had Greco-Roman influences, which extended to the pop-up holographic interface. The floors were labelled in Roman numerals. Felicia poked the Floor VIII button. The elevator started moving.

“Interesting that they would decorate the interior separately to the exterior,” Felicia noted.

The Doctor filed away that information for future reference. ‘Very curious,’ he thought.

“It is,” Tamsin said.

Kiara was in thought.


The 8th floor of the hospital was like any other hospital in the Terran Empire, antiseptic and Spartan, although there were hints of the Greco-Roman design here and there.

They walked up to the nurses’ station that was opposite the elevator entrance. There was one nurse on duty.

The Doctor produced the psychic paper. “I am Doctor Smith, here with my assistants to interview the survivors of the laboratory explosion,” he said.

“One moment please,” the nurse said. She pressed a button on the console beneath the window.

She then talked to the doctors on duty to check if any of the survivors were in any state to be interviewed.

She soon returned. “They are ready to see you,” she said.

“Thank you,” the Doctor said.

“Good,” Nathan said quietly.

‘Cool,’ Tamsin thought.

Soon the Doctor was interviewing the survivors, with Felicia and Tamsin taking notes.

They had interviewed a few, when something happened...

“...So, there was a faint ticking noise,” the Doctor prompted.

“Yes, there was, then the explosion occurred...” one of the survivors said, with a raspy voice. But then he slumped down into the bed, and the monitoring equipment started making a single tone!
He had died. The Doctor quickly found out why. He waved the sonic screwdriver around the deceased patient. He found a potent poison in the intravenous feeding mechanisms.

“Poisoned! But by who?” he asked.

“Someone just injected something into the drip Doctor!!” Felicia said, her voice certain.

“Who?” the Doctor asked.

“I’ll know the person when I see them,” Felicia said, again with absolute certainty.

“That’s very weird. Why would someone poison someone in a hospital?” Tamsin asked. ‘Were they afraid that the explosion didn’t do the job?’

“Good question,” the Doctor said. Felicia spotted the person responsible for the poisoning on the opposite side of the ward.

“There!” she said.

The person dropped the equipment that they had been carrying and ran. Felicia ran off after them, almost knocking over the nurses who were coming to attend to the (possibly) deceased patient.

“Follow her, Kiara!” the Doctor said.

“Yes, Doctor,” Kiara said, before running off herself, following Felicia out of the ward.

“What happens now?” Tamsin asked.

“First, we try to answer your question, Tamsin,” the Doctor said.

“Definitely,” Tamsin said.

“It may be that someone is trying to cover something up...” the Doctor began.

Felicia dashed out of the ward, following the culprit. The culprit reached one of the elevators ahead of Felicia.

Felicia narrowly missed the elevator and used an adjacent elevator. She selected the ground floor, hoping that was the culprit’s destination. ‘It has to be. He wouldn’t risk getting caught on stairs,’ she thought.

On the ground floor, Felicia dashed out of the elevator and saw the culprit exit the hospital onto the street ahead of her. She quickly followed, leaving the hospital to the west, towards the subway station that she, the Doctor and his usual companions had arrived in.

Kiara saw Felicia enter the elevator, after the culprit had used another. Unfortunately there were only two elevator doors on that floor. ‘I will have to use the stairs,’ she thought.

When Kiara managed to get to the ground floor, Felicia and the poisoner were nowhere in sight. ‘That is just great!’ She thought. She went to elevator to go back up to the eighth floor.

The Doctor saw Kiara re-enter the ward. “Why are you back here?” he asked.

“I lost sight of Felicia and the person she was pursuing. They could be going anywhere in the city,” Kiara said.

“You could have tried,” the Doctor said.

“I could have, but it would have been a waste of time,” Kiara said.

“It wouldn’t have been a waste of time!” the Doctor said.

“With how large the city is, I think it would have been.”

“You could still have tried!”

“Only possibly!” Kiara said.

“You gave up too easily!”

“No, I didn’t!”

Tamsin stepped between them. “That is enough,”

The Doctor backed off. “Tamsin is right,” he said.

“What do we do now?” Nathan asked.

“We will look for Felicia, that is what we are going to do,” the Doctor said.

“How are we going to do that?” Kiara asked.

“It would be rather difficult,” Tamsin said.

“First we will attempt to gain access to the hospital’s security cameras. Perhaps they recorded the direction that she and the poisoner went,” the Doctor said.

“Let’s go, then,” Tamsin said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

‘I hope we’re not hacking,’ Nathan thought.

The Doctor lead them out of the ward.

Felicia crept into the subway station. She saw the culprit board the train, so she dashed into the train a few cars behind him..

Once the train started moving, she dashed forwards to the carriage that she saw him enter.

She saw that he was still in that carriage and so sat somewhere near him. ‘When he leaves the train, I will be ready to follow again.’

The Doctor reviewed the hospital’s security files. ‘The culprit and Felicia went to the west, back towards the subway,” he said.

“Then we go to the subway ourselves?” Tamsin asked. ‘That is a likely thing for him to do,’ she thought.

“No, we are going to look at the news articles for the last few weeks. See if there is any evidence of a conspiracy,” the Doctor said.

“I will do that,” Tamsin said. Immediately she reopened her phone and brought up the Ilkona Telegraph site.

After 30 minutes, with the train having gone a third of the way around the city, Felicia was bored. ‘This is rather tiring,’ she thought as the train approached the 15th station since the one near the hospital.

The poisoner got up.

‘It must be his stop,’ Felicia thought.

The train stopped and the poisoner started moving. As soon as he left his seat, Felicia started moving also.

Felicia exited the train in hot pursuit of the poisoner...

Back at the hospital the Doctor and Tamsin had gone through the newspaper’s archived articles.
“There is a pattern here, but it is of the usual occurrences of a Terran colony,” the Doctor said.

“Really?” Tamsin asked.

“Of course, there may be a deeper pattern that haven’t recognised.”

“Certainly,” Tamsin said.

“We have to look at other newspapers,” the Doctor said.

“I will look at one,” Kiara said.

“Good,” the Doctor said as he searched for another newspaper site on Tamsin’s phone.

Felicia followed the poisoning person from the train station into a relatively run down area of the city...

“This doesn’t look good,” she murmured as she saw the state of decay that the place was in.
She carefully left the station...
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