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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Too True ANACHRONUS LOL!! However, it was all so well written and informative, that I keep wondering how the whole "Pearl Harbor" thing might be gutted and re-fit into a TREK story!

JUSTIN - Interesting observation about WESLEY's 'Dunsel' remark, as I can recall the first time I saw the episode I thought it was really out-of-line as well. However, by the end of the episode, I came to realize that is was just more of some pretty harsh hazing, from one buddy to another,... hey what are friends for anyway, they are the guys you can always count on to be hanging around laughing at you when our down on your @ss LOL!

On STONE: You are so right! People in today's world are so ready to except that sort of thing as the norm, as sadly, it has become the norm,... and yet in Star Trek's world, we were told repeatedly, "no such primitive thinking exists today",... however, if Star Trek was the Utopia they often CLAIMED it to be - LOOk OUT!,.. here comes Kirk reading the Declaration of Independence again!!! LOL! - then characters like STONE would not, COULD NOT exist, especially at such a high level,... unless of course the corruption runs so much deeper,... heh heh heh.

As you pointed out, due to the TV Budget, we are stuck with a 'One man Judge, Jury, Executioner, thing', but that is no way excuses the 'Fishy Deal'.

I WISH someone would playback the visual computer log IN STONES OFFICE before a general board of inquiry, and see what they think about the 'deal" he offered KIRK,... LOL!!!! Let STONE pull FERRIS, FOX, and NILZ BARRIS as the board he faces,.. LOL!!!
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