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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Satanism & Demonology
Devils, Demons & Witchcraft

I read a little around alchemy this time last year, and a bit of Aquinas later on, so figured I may as well fill in the gaps. These concepts make for some interesting psychological motifs, which is what interests me about them. The first book sounds like a good introductory overview and the second should have lots of interesting artwork.
Quick book review: the second book does indeed have some great pictures, especially the chapters on the Danse Macabre and the fall of lucifer.

The first book I haven't quite got round to reading more than the first chapter of yet, but so far, so good. Or should that be, so far, so bad...

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I've ordered a new Sony Vaio to replace the current one.... Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2GHz, 8GB 1333MHz DDR3-SDRAM, 16.4" 1920x1080 screen, NVIDIA GeForce GT540M 2GB...
Got this yesterday, and have been busy configuring it and transferring files. It's now fully up & running and it's nice to have something speedy again. My last computer was Windows XP, so I'm finally having to get used to Windows 7. It's actually pretty cool in lots of little ways that make life easy (the right-click context menus especially seem even more useful than normal), but it will take a bit of adjustment to fully adapt.

One general gripe: why do computers get shipped with such god-awful colour calibration. The gamma is jacked to ridiculous levels, and the colour is so cold you can actually see a blue/purple shift. I think the backlight is actually partly responsible for that but it's no excuse. I wish I had an objective hardware calibrator, because futzing around with the subjective software calibration isn't ideal. Still, I've more or less fixed it now. I do like the automatic brightness adjustment through the ambient light sensor though; very useful and avoids eye strain.
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