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Re: The Cage (1985) VHS - What Closing Logo?

The color version is not colorized. It was reconstructed from color footage that was rediscovered sometime between the 1986 and 1988 releases. As TrekWeb explains it:
Divided into four acts, the reconstructed pilot... followed in the same vein as the 1986 home video version, but with a few exceptions. For one, to account for missing clips, footage was either borrowed from other portions of the original color footage to bridge necessary gaps. More notably, in other places, footage was slowed down to bridge the gaps between the original footage used in "The Menagerie" and the recently restored footage. The sound track for this full-color version of "The Cage" was the same identical audio track used in the 1986 version, complete with sound scratches from the black-and-white portions and the variations in the Talosian keeper's voice (the male voice portions were taken from actor Malachi Throne's voiceover, while the higher-pitched voice portions were heard in "The Menagerie"). In addition, the color balance was slightly off between the restored color footage and the remaining footage. This imbalance led some people to conclude that the restored color footage had been colorized by computer; this is not the case. If you examine colorized films from the 1980's and 1990's, you will notice that colorization is frequently off in many places. The color balance in the restored clips of "The Cage" is too precise in many places to be colorized footage, which leads us to conclude that this is indeed the missing color footage that was edited and originally lost in 1966 and rediscovered after the 1986 video release.
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