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Re: Best Audio Book?

So...Lungbarrow, is it only available as a book, or is there an AudioBook/Play of it as well? I googled, and did Wikipedia and the only evidence I noticed of an Audiobook is a Torrent Download on the list (Didn't click on it, so don't know if it's text or Audio). Big Finish site came up empty.

I'm watching the Sylvester McCoy era now, and watched Rememberance of the Daleks Last Night, and it struck my lack of knowing the Lungbarrow story needs to be resolved soemtimes in the near future. I really enjoy Dr. Who Unbound #1 - #7 (Except the Arabella Weir Belch and Barf-fest ), so, I have no worries about Lungbarrow possibly trampling on continuity.

Listening to Episode 3.2 of Gallifrey Adventures on my commute, so, not too much longer until I finish the Gallifrey Adventures, and I'd like to listen Lungbarrow afterwards, if that's possible
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