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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Commodore Robert Wesley - USS LEXINGTON - 'The Ultimate Computer'. You have to love this guy, he plays a 'straight-arrow Kirk' as good as any of Shatners' early performances. He is the embodiment of 'all the good' qualities in what we envision would be the basic requirement for all standard Captains entrusted with a Starship: Competent, Alert, Decisive, Humane, Insightful, ect.
I agree except for one thing: The "Captain Dunsel" remark. That really knocks him down in my estimation. To utter such a petty comment, demeaning an officer publicly in front of his crew, was disgraceful.

Captain Tracy wrote: View Post
Bottom line, STONE is simply a corrupt bureaucrat in the guise of a sterling Officer, and that is why I 'double hate' him.
Those comments on Como. Stone are definitely hard to argue with. I think sometimes we may be too quick to accept that kind of back-room deal as just "something that happens" with powerful people. OTOH the whole thing should make us question Starfleet's justice system: Why are the investigator, the board of inquiry, the court-martial's convening authority, and the president of the court all the same person, Stone? That's like a criminal case where the same guy is the police detective, the DA, the judge and the jury. I understand why it works dramatically, but at the same time it keeps me from getting too het up over Stone's corruption.

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I have no idea what people outside Nebraska think of him -- if they think of him at all. I'm pretty sure they don't think of him as Debra Winger's old boyfriend.
I think of him as the disabled combat veteran and Medal of Honor recipient who was a Democratic senator for many years and was Debra Winger's old boyfriend.

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Points very well taken, and I certainly was not denigrating the USN. But the Battleship mentality was still very strong despite these changes - hence the move of stationing a buttload of battleships ready to move against Japan.
Agreed, it was just the "relatively junior" and "slightly looney" comments I took issue with.

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