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Re: Rewatching early DS9 knowing that Bashir is genetically enhanced

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What the episode SHOULD have been was this -

Julian DISCOVERS that he was genetically engineered by his parents throughout the course of that episode.

Suddenly, his entire world is shattered. All his accomplishments feel phony and hollow. He's devastated, furious and his parents and suddenly terrified of being found out.

That's REAL drama - more immediate, urgent, plausible and far, FAR more interesting than learning he was "hiding" his secret all these years.

Julian, even before the "reveal" of his enhanced abilities, was already a genius with terrific physical skills, too (remember, tennis professional). So there was no need to say he ALSO had a Vulcan mind and those other amazing abilities.

Even the "normal" Julian could have been the product of (subtler) engineering.

And an episode focusing on that revelation would have been awesome.

You blew it, Ron. You really blew it this time.
I completely agree with you. I like Bashir a lot, he's probably one of my favorite characters from the show (I know that's not a popular opinion, but eh, I've just always liked him). I've always been really interested in Khan and the Eugenics Wars, so I loved the idea that Bashir was genetically enhanced. But it would have been far more profound and dramatic if Bashir had never known about it until he finally learns the truth from his parents. Not only would it have fit better with Bashir's character as he had been portrayed thus far, but it would have given Siddig a lot more to work with from an acting perspective, I think.
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