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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Actually, in all honesty, it seems like they conceived Andromeda in such a way that it would've probably been better as a video game than a television series.
I always thought it would've worked better as a book series.
In retrospect yes, would have worked as a book series. It'd be easy to say it'd make a good video game now, some kind of Mass Effect-style RPG series, but as fun as space games were ten years ago they were rarely as story-intensive as that and so the details would be somewhat wasted.

Still, there was another novelistic low-budget space opera series that managed to do alright. I still think if just a few more things had gone right for Andromeda, it stood a good chance to be the next Babylon 5 - in the best and worst senses of that phrase. The story arc that RHW spelled out in his post-series coda makes me think that particularly, its the bare bones of what could have been anothter three and a half solid years of TV.

And I don't think that really worked. I think they should've done a 2-hour pilot instead of 2 separate parts, and devoted most of the first half to establishing the Commonwealth before ripping it away. But they just didn't have the budget to show the Commonwealth and Tarn-Vedra at their height.
Well, the lathering of exposition was also a problem. I still remember that scene with Hunt and Rhade giving exposition over lance fire. There's just a lot of backstory to the show's premise and that was one of the clunkier efforts to get that across.
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