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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

True John. We certainly have our work cut out for us. What's nice though is we now have the benefit of modern digital technology and the internet.

A little more about the 'degraded' trailer I posted in 2009....One has to remember at that time Swoo hadn't yet found the film masters so I essentially had to use some of what was thought to still exist. I also thought it added a little drama by degrading it a bit which then underlined the fact we hadn't abandoned the sort of abandoned us...until now.

The other thing to note is I do have other film that differs from what Stan has including additional live action shots of George I shot between takes. So we'll have to see how this version turns out rather than add more than we need to the pot.

Meanwhile, just for the fun of it I tossed together a little poster comp since I imagine we'll be needing something soon...

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