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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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I have to disagree with you guys here. First off I don't think it was the destruction of the DS9 story, it was just the beginning of another part of the story.
It somewhat reminds me of ST:TMP. That picked up the characters after a jump of several years and showed they'd undergone major changes -- Kirk had lost the ship and become a deskbound admiral, Spock had abandoned his friendship with Kirk and become a monk, McCoy had left Starfleet and become a hermit. But that wasn't meant to "destroy" or reject what had come before, it was meant to set up a story arc wherein the divided characters came back together and learned some things.

True, the transitions in the DS9 line are more radical and the resolution won't necessarily be a return to the status quo. But stories are about characters dealing with problems. So a good way to start a story arc is by starting off with the characters in a difficult situation. Maybe we're supposed to be dissatisfied with where the DS9 characters are now because that's the problem they have to address over the books to come, the beginning of a new journey rather than just the end of the old one.
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