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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

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Won't scenes filmed with modern cameras have much better quality than ones filmed twenty years ago? Or will they also be shot on film?
Good question.

We shot the film using a Canon 1014XLS which at the time was the most cutting edge S8 cameras other than what Beaulieu had in that format. The Canon had a stellar 10-1 zoom and excellent optic quality.

As an experiment, I figured if I maximized the technical quality within the context Super8 and we transferred directly to 3/4" video without touching the S8 reversal positives, we could get what might appear to be low grade 35mm, or at worst average 16mm when viewed on a TV screen.

Being TOS was a television format, and that's what we wanted to embellish, we figured it could work. The dailies were outstanding and better than we expected. Although more costly, the other reason I went for S8 was shooting in video didn't have the available color saturation and hue we needed to mimic the vintage 'in living color' tones like many of the TOS episodes were lit. Gaston Biraben understood what I was looking for and did some incredible work making the most of the format.

Today, thanks to innovations with DV its easier to get the old film look and the resonant grain etc...added for effect. So I think mixing old and new should result in something we were looking for as a finished piece. Thankfully the original masters were found so we have something to finish.

P.S. I directed this old beast

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