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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Had Jack Webb produced Star Trek, we would no doubt have had a conversation about how Kirk can't be excused from prosecution and that it's only fair. - Dakota Smith
Priceless,... Jack Webb producing Star Trek,... Daa, daa, duum, duum, dee,.... What a concpet! LOL!!!

Talk about the Totalitarian Federation of Planets!!! Complete with not one, but two,... count 'em TWO security guards in every room and hallway! LOL!

You know Dakota, you are right of course; it is a sad fact of everyday life in the corporate sector, the military, and such,.. but I guess what gets me is that the whole TREK premise is based, and touts,.. oh how it touts,... the whole, everyone is equal, justice for all, we have evolved beyond all THAT,... so when you encounter a high-acting character like STONE, who then reveals himself to be a typical 21st century 'company man',... well, you know.

"Commodore STONE a descendant of yours"???,... Did anyone every tell you're a wise-@ss Dakota LOL!!!!!!!!

Seriously, thanks for the feedback,..... Jack Webb producing,.. my head is buoyant at the thought!
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