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The Cage (1985) VHS - What Closing Logo?

Does anyone know what the original separate closing logo was at the end of the grayscale print of "The Cage" on the 1985 Paramount Home Video VHS of Star Trek (TOS)?

My brain thinks it was once this logo:
(Paramount Television "Blue Mountain", used 1975 to 1987, music by Lalo Schifrin from 1975-76 and 1978-87; Jerry Goldsmith 1976-78)

For the colored version of this same episode, first seen in 1988 after the 2-hour Star Trek retrospective, The Star Trek Saga, this was the original separate closing logo:
(Paramount Television "CGI Mountain", used 1987 to 2002, music is an adaptation of the Paramount on Parade newsreel theme song composed by Elsie Janis and Jack King)

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