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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Uxi wrote: View Post
(if you also buy into the idea that T'Pau was a member of their family).
Well, that's at least implied by T'Pau officiating at Spock's wedding.

That would imply it was accidental instead of deliberate. Perhaps a sign of these... troubled times today, instead of assuming it followed what would have probably been a controversial marriage, but as Sarek said in the Abrams Trek, 'it would have been logical' as Ambassador to heavily Earth-influenced Federation
Well, Sarek said in "Journey To Babel" that marrying Amanda "seemed like the logical thing to do."

At my age and marital experience, I've come to assume that it probably was the "logical" thing to do -- if you're the Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation and you've knocked up some Earth girl.

In point of fact, knowing what we do about Vulcan mating habits, it was probably "logical" on a number of levels. Taking into account Star Trek V:

Sarek had an arranged first marriage to an unnamed "Vulcan princess." She died. Now Sarek is faced with a life-or-death problem at his next Ponn Farr.

I figure that he must have been seeing Amanda when his Ponn Farr came around. Sleeping with (and later marrying) her would be logical in order to save his life and then prevent being faced with a life-or-death mating problem in seven years.

Given that Vulcans hate even discussing their biology with anyone, this is one way I can imagine a politician overcoming the whole scandal. It was life-or-death, and Sarek made the logical choice under the circumstances.

Funny, I must be one of the few who remembers when Cheney was thought of as a moderate when he was in Congress.
There's always a difference between what locals think of a politician compared the the country. For example, I think of former Nebraska Governor (and later Senator) Bob Kerry as Debra Winger's ex-boyfriend. That's because growing up in Nebraska, that was Kerry's claim to fame locally. I have no idea what people outside Nebraska think of him -- if they think of him at all. I'm pretty sure they don't think of him as Debra Winger's old boyfriend.

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