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Re: Phlox and Archer's actions in Dear Doctor

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I kinda liked the episode, and that the ending was played with the characters making this decision and not liking it. And I liked the idea Enterprise presented (though didn't do enough of, imo) that the heroes were not super squeaky clean, made mistakes, and poor decisions as they were trying to learn what it means to be space-faring.

I don't understand that point of view at all. This wasn't an actual dilemma that might have shown something interesting about the characters, this was just horrible writing from someone who obviously understands NOTHING about evolution or ethics.

there's no dilemma here. Phlox's reasoning is utter garbage, that's it.
Yeah there is no real dilemma here. Some moral choices are hard and some moral choices are easy and this was an extremely easy moral choice. It makes you loose faith in characters when are wrong on such simple moral choices. You wonder if Phlox and Archer's sense of right and wrong is messed up. Giving them the cure would have prevented billions of people from dying. I don't see how this assumed "evolutionary leap" for the Menk can justify Valakian children dying the streets because of this disease.

This episode would have to be changed to work as a moral dilemma if both the Menk and the Valakians had the disease and for some reason beyond their control, they can only cure one or the other. That is a hard choice and making that could have made for a heart wrenching episode, with Phlox and Archer being racked by guilt that couldn't save everyone. That would be a way better episode then Phlox using Nazi like eugenics pseudo science to justify not giving the Valakians the cure.
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