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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

It will be a big-budget action adventure movie. In that, it's likely to borrow quite a bit visually from the original BSG - essentially, a Star Wars rip-off - in terms of big spaceship battles, etc.

The Cylons may reasonably be expected to be very sophisticated and dangerous CG killer robots, entire armies of them, maybe utilizing a couple of familiar design elements from the centurions in oldBSG and their CG descendants in nuBSG (okay, one motif - the red eye).

The characters will have the same names that have been used in both previous versions - Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, probably Baltar.

The costuming and set design will be entirely its own thing. The Galactica will be huge and follow the lines of both previous ships, with outboard landing/launch bays.

The tone will be much darker than oldBSG because the tone of everything aimed at young males is much darker than entertainments of twenty-five years or more gone by.

To the extent that the whole affair will be a good deal less naive, more violent and considerably sexed up it will resemble nuBSG more than oldBSG. To whatever extent the story, characters, themes and dialogue aren't flat-out too stupid not to laugh at it will resemble nuBSG over oldBSG.
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