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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

toughlittleship wrote: View Post
Rough Beasts of Empire was the only flawed entry in the absolutely EPIC Typhon Pact series
I actually liked RBOE a lot more than Seize the Fire and Paths of Disharmony, but to each his own.
GalaxyClass1701 wrote: View Post
I'm really trying hard to finish this. lol I'm finding it very difficult and I'm 213 pages in.

The way he writes its like you don't get to see anything happening. The ENT goes to the Kuiper belt and finds the problem. Then the chapter ends and you find out what happened but you don't get to see it!

Anyone else feel like this?
Yes!! That was my biggest problem with the novel. All of the events were terribly interesting. I wish I had seen them, instead of reading the after-action reports.
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