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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Hmmm.... does anyone know when exactly all the ASU stuff was hashed out? Because if it was made before Majel sold the rights to Tribune, the level of detail would make sense. If it was after, then that was a total lapse of judgment on their part if they knew anything about how cheap Tribune could be.
It was certainly after, since it wasn't even decided that it would be a space show until Sorbo was already onboard. The concept was developed along with the Tribune executives, and it took a while to become Andromeda. But it's unfair to question their judgment on those grounds. Sometimes you can't know in advance how something will turn out until you see the results. Like I said, it was as much about experience as budget; the makeup artists hired for the show turned out not to have the right training for the kind of prosthetics work they were doing. Sometimes you enter into something in good faith with the best information you have available to you, and then it just turns out wrong for one reason or another. Even with the best judgment, you can't always guarantee in advance that something will work.

I do think they let their imagination get the better of them to an extent, coming up with ideas too big to fit on a syndicated TV show; but I can't really fault anyone for dreaming big. They might never have been able to get all of the AllSystems stuff on the screen, but with better execution and more time on the show, they could've done a lot more of it than they did.

Actually, in all honesty, it seems like they conceived Andromeda in such a way that it would've probably been better as a video game than a television series.
I always thought it would've worked better as a book series.

I say that because I don't think they did enough to establish the Commonwealth itself and how things were fairly good before throwing everything into the terrible future where everything was fractured and all around bad for everyone...
That I agree with. It seemed to me they were relying too much on the implication that the Commonwealth was basically the Federation, so all of us Trek/Roddenberry fans would understand going in what had been lost. And I don't think that really worked. I think they should've done a 2-hour pilot instead of 2 separate parts, and devoted most of the first half to establishing the Commonwealth before ripping it away. But they just didn't have the budget to show the Commonwealth and Tarn-Vedra at their height.
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