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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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The problems with that show when Robert was around were never with its writing, only with the cruddy production values and shoestring budget.
And Kevin Sorbo.
Well, yes and no. If he had producers and directors strong enough to ride herd on him and keep his self-indulgences in check, he could do a really good job as an actor. The problems came when that ceased to be the case, when he was basically given free rein to do what he felt like and his ego pretty much took over the show.

(This is why I have so much respect for Eliza Dushku as a producer on Dollhouse. She could've made it a self-indulgent star vehicle for herself, but instead she was content to step back and let the ensemble flourish, to the point that her character didn't even play the pivotal role in the series finale.)

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My issue with stuff like the All-Systems University is that, for the most part, it's never actually integrated into the show itself. It's a peeve I have with a lot of media these days, regardless of where it comes from, because for the most part, these sorts of things tend to be tossed out the window anyway as the production grinds on or they are critical to the story in a way that can compromise the quality of the work for those in the audience who aren't aware that this stuff is out there.
But again, the problem there isn't with the ASU content itself as with the show. When Robert, Zack, and Ash created all that backstory, I don't think they appreciated just how much their creativity would be hampered by the tiny budget and the production team's lack of experience. They created all these exotic aliens with the intent of using them in the show, but then what the inexperienced makeup artists produced was a cheap-looking mess, so they had to dial back on the aliens. It took them three years to figure out how to do a Vedran, and the end result was so lame that they never did it again. So it wasn't a writing problem, it was a cost/production problem. The show was doomed by the fact that Majel Roddenberry sold it to the skinflint Tribune Entertainment, whose priority was always to minimize costs in the short term no matter how much it damaged a show, rather than a production company that would actually nurture the show creatively.
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