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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Wow, RHW is still in the business?
Sure, he never left. Since Andromeda, he's worked as a producer on The 4400, The Dresden Files, The Gates, and most recently (and currently?) Alphas, as well as creating and producing a failed paranormal-romance pilot called Scarlett (which was going to be shot in New Orleans, but Katrina hit on the very day they started filming so they had to move it, and then it didn't get picked up anyway) and writing a draft of Syfy's second attempt at a Riverworld adaptation (though RHW says the aired version is unrecognizably altered from what he wrote).
I see... most of that stuff was never on my radar beyond its existence and/or anything I saw about didn't mention Wolfe.

Well, I hope his show does really well, although I'd prefer if he put more emphasis on the writing for the episodes instead of making tons of background info like he and his staff did for Andromeda.
Why "instead of?" Why can't it be both? They had up and running months before the show premiered, so it's not like it somehow prevented them from devoting their attention to the scripts. (And I think Allsystems was mostly Zack Stentz & Ashley Miller's work anyway.) There's no question that Robert was very hands-on when it came to Andromeda's writing, considering how quickly the show fell apart when he was fired as its showrunner. The problems with that show when Robert was around were never with its writing, only with the cruddy production values and shoestring budget.
My issue with stuff like the All-Systems University is that, for the most part, it's never actually integrated into the show itself. It's a peeve I have with a lot of media these days, regardless of where it comes from, because for the most part, these sorts of things tend to be tossed out the window anyway as the production grinds on or they are critical to the story in a way that can compromise the quality of the work for those in the audience who aren't aware that this stuff is out there.

As for Andromeda's writing, I can't really recall it being anything too spectacular, although that might have been more a result of the performances and/or direction.
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