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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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As long as they don't try to pretend it's all peachy keen...

IE, 12 worlds have been destroyed and billions are dead as society lies in ruins -- but we survivors are going to stop for a fun jaunt at a casino planet!
Why does everybody insist on forgetting that that casino planet hid alien who were eating humans alive??
Because before that, Starbuck seriously considered resigning his commission (or going AWOL) to manage a band of terrible multi-faced singers on a tour. Where would they tour? Everywhere else was blown up! And these people have been at war for a thousand years, how is it Starbuck thinks he can just quit the military just like that once some (stupid) entrepreneurial opportunity rears its two-mouthed head?

Sure, back on the ships, Adama and the Quorum of Morons actually took things halfway seriously, but that's not going to save the reputation of your show when your popular leads are jacking around like Lucy and Ethel.
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