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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

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wasn't a lot of this really later Roddenberry though, not TOS-era Roddenberry?

The heavy idealism, no money, no inner conflict stuff wasn't really a part of TOS.(I mean,the TVH no money thing was probably used more as an opportunity for easy humor rather than an expression of idealism)

It kind of reminds me of "Greedo shoots first"-era Lucas where he blatantly contradicts his earlier stuff to express his "personal growth" and changed views.
I'm sure in the 60s he had less control than he did on TNG, and over 20 years he probably changed a lot as a person. I'm not sure if the "no money" thing has ever meant literally no form of currency, especially when the pilot episode of TNG has Crusher buying pretty materials from the outpost. It's always something I wanted them to explain a bit more.

I think Gene's rules helped the show become what it was and even after his death they more or less remained mostly as those rules are what shaped the characters.
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