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This is one of only a few spots in the primary hull which have windows
Oh, you mean the deck that contains primarily research labs, work areas for various technicians, and related duty stations, according to TMoST. Quarters, including passenger quarters, are on decks 4, 5, and 6, same source. A source that has Gene Roddenberry's name on it, I might add.
There's another one with Gene Roddenberry's name on it which states that Main Engineering is at the aft of the primary hull. and that the ship's main hangar bay can hold an entire fleet of modern passenger liner aircraft.

So, yeah. Gene Roddenberry's name doesn't necessarily mean "unquestionable, from on-high."
Essentially, this is the "admiral's quarters" which Scotty compared basic quarters on the 1701-D to.
According to what source are there admiral's quarters here?
Wow, you really are suffering from reading comprehension issues, aren't you. Now, run along to get your N.Z. pals to come in and do your fighting for you again.

I did not say that it is "canon" that this is there. Just like there is nothing "canon" that says that there is anything else on Deck 2.

Well, except for a line from an episode, which we're discussing, which states that the Romulan Commander is going to be put in quarters on Deck 2.

But, that's not important, is it?
it's not a good idea to ignore his points.
Who's ignoring the facts he's producing? I'm simply disagreeing with some of his opinions, with good reason.
No, you were being cocky and dismissive, WITHOUT GOOD REASON.
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