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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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Barnes & Noble just announced their Nook Tablet (what everyone was calling Nook Color 2). Looks like they'll be countering Kindle Fire's DC titles with a slate of Marvel titles for the Nook. (mentioned halfway down the page)
It's like they're both trying to kill the comic industry...
It is changing the business model, companies need to adapt. If they do go all digital they just need to be in a universal format all the readers can read them in. It also saves comic book companies money, since they don't have the cost of printing the books, or shipping them.

I'm not talking about going digital. Yes, I agree it's the way of the future (although I have yet to read a digital comic from DC or Marvel directly that's better quality than some of the ones I've illegally downloaded, but that's another conversation). I'm talking about the exclusiveness. If I want to read DC digital comics and Marvel digital comics on a tablet, I have to get a kindle fire and a nook. These exclusive wars aren't actually helping the comic book industry. You know how successful itunes would have been if you could only listen to itunes music on your ipod or that your ipod would only play itunes music? Not at all. And comics are a much more niche industry. If comics aren't easy to access, it's not going to matter who's on top of the sales chart because the whole industry will die.
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