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Re: Did Supergirl get punched out of her skin?

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
What no amount of Wikipedia reading can justify, though, is why Jon Bognadove received gainful employment at DC Comics.
That one's easy.

Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove had been working together for years at Marvel, on things from New Mutants to (mainly) Power Pack. Based on the strength of their work together at Marvel, DC put them on a high-profile book -- the new Superman: Man of Steel -- when Mike Carlin lured the team away from the House of Ideas. Both Simonson and Bogdanove were considered major "gets" for DC at a time when DC really needed to make a splash.

Bogdanove's work on Man of Steel was different than anything else going on in the Superman books at the time, and it didn't mesh well with Dan Jurgens' work on Superman and Jerry Ordway and Tom Grummett's work on Adventures. I remember a friend of mine complaining about Bogdanove's work at the time for precisely that reason. I, personally, loved it because it really did have a different feel. Bogdanove was and is a seriously hardcore Superman fan -- his son is named Kal-El -- and I thought his artwork took after Wayne Boring, rather than Curt Swan or Murphy Anderson, which is what gave it such a distinctive look for the time.
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