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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi everyone just want to introduce myself, having recently joined this forum, I am obviously a newbie. TNG was the first Trek I ever watched, which my friend got me into five years ago. The characters I like are Data, I think he is the best character in TNG and Picard and certainly Riker. I agree with you Gold Grizzly in terms of fav characters.

In terms of some of my favourite episodes, I love for example measure of a man, lessons I always thought was done quite well, even though it's a romantic storyline I think it was well written and there is some nice chemistry between Picard and that lieutenant. We also see a different side to him, which was nice to see.

I think in terms of underrated episodes, one for me would have to be Firstborn. When talking to fans where I live, they either seem to forget it or criticise it. Any thoughts about that and the other episode and fav characters I mentioned? Look forward to hearing you comments!
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