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FWIW, five lights per deck is probably a pretty good average of the visual evidence. You don't get a vertical ride longer than six or seven decks in that ship, and IIRC the highest count of lights (in a scene with cuts, but probably without much "lost time") is around thirty.
Fortunately there aren't that many turbolift scenes. The one with the most visible lines I think is the one from "Tomorrow is Yesterday", IIRC. I'll have to check tonight.

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Dude, it's not just the five lights. It's a ride which lasts a whole minute. To go down one deck? Forget it. It's an error. Like I said, we'll never agree, so let's just agree to disagree, and move on. OK??
An error could be the inconsistent use of the handles in the turbolift (maybe, I haven't reviewed all the turbolift scenes) or the lights only working on some of the handles. An error could be the lights moving the wrong way from the bridge.

But, labeling that scene an error when we don't know what the turbolift is doing is the wrong error call, IMO. This scene only shows a brief vertical movement and then as you point out, cuts away from the motion indicator making it impossible to know what the lift is doing. Even though it might be said in jest, there can be a host of things preventing the turblolift car from reaching the door on deck 2 even though they could already be at deck 2. As far as I can tell in your argument, it only feels too long to you that they stood there talking for almost a minute.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on both the location and whether it was an error.
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