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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Very interesting theories and viewpoints from everyone. One thing about Trek that is amazing is that they give you enough meat to postulate various scenarios and connections, and yet there are often holes big enough to drive a Starship through, and then sometimes, you get this little glitch which hangs the whole thing up,.. until you start the process again,... Lesbian Vulcan Starship Captains in Go-go boots on the Bridge,... well, I'll say one thing,... it DOES explain a lot LOL!!!

THROWBACk, that is a pretty tidy theory you came up with, and perhaps the ENTERPRISE was not the only ship effected by the same ion storm,... perhaps the storm had been traveling, and the ENTERPRISE was just ONE of many other Starships effected and damaged by it, and that is why they all pulled in for repairs around the same time.

You know it is also interesting what you are saying about Pearl Harbor, as I have heard a 'theory' that the US GOVERNMENT knew about the impending attack, and that is why all those ships were there,.. however the 'theory' goes something along the lines that they let this go down the way it did, to set up a "He hit me first" scenario in the public eye, yet fully intending to engage in the war, but letting the Japanese provide the excuse.
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