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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Great points Dakota,... I too often wondered if an all Vulcan ship would, pardon the pun, LOGICALLY have a Vulcan captain,... and yet,... we learn in 'Amok Time', that Spock is the most famous Vulcan in Starfleet,...
Though it's of dubious canon since it was never filmed, the backstory for Xon seems relevant, as well as the canon mention of the Intrepid being an all Vulcan crew and that most of the Vulcans in Starfleet (if not the Federation) were effectively segregated. Spock was unique because when he was with Vulcans, he was identified as human and while he was with humans, he was identified as Vulcan.

Too bad the idea of pure Vulcans being more distinct was abandoned. As was noted recently, Harry Mudd recognized him as part "Vulcanian"....
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